Level Plane Tile & Stone
is a small company serving Portland and the surrounding area with top end professional tile installation.



We do all jobs from small renovations to full remodels, commercial or residential; both interior and exterior on all surfaces.

We also do custom work and mosaics and are happy to work with other contractors, designers and architects or assist you with your own ideas and designs.


Selected Projects:


Pacific Northwest minimalism and utility

Avila_Level Plane TIle and Stone-2812WEB_e.jpg

A detailed glass mosaic backlash for this kitchen in the hills


A modern shower build with a vintage flair


Custom designed and built brick oven

Dina Avila_1200_Level Plane-8646.jpg

Unique bathroom remodel

Dina Avila_1200_Level Plane-8646.jpg

A few words from some of our clients:

"We couldn’t be more happy with the work Level Plane did on our kitchen remodel. Not only was it quick and efficient, but a beautiful design with close attention to detail. They made our kitchen more beautiful than ever. I will definitely be contacting Level Plane for my future jobs and I recommend you do the same."

Israel Morales,


"One of my favorite sayings about contractors is “The difference between a good contractor and a great contractor is that a great contractor shows up on time and finishes on time.” Level Plane is a great contractor. They were prompt, professional, highly qualified and did the best corner tiling work I have ever seen for me at Mediterranean Exploration Company and Plaza del Toro."

"My husband and I are sticklers for craftsmanship in our 1928 bungalow, so when it came time to update the floors and fireplace, we wanted a company that could be as fussy about the job as we were. I loved working with Level Plane, and with Erik for his willingness to talk even tiny details. Not only did we cover the basics – grout colors and tile – we talked about texture, light patterns and a need to keep a quirky old floor squeak-free. That attention to detail really shows in the final product. Tight tile cuts over smooth, flat surfaces made for functional yet eye-catching work. I would recommend this company to anyone."



We are a dedicated team of professionals with over 15 years in the field. Through our experience and skill, we can help you find the best solution to your remodeling or construction project.

Erik Trexel

level plane_1 - Copy.jpg

Rude Graves

Erik Overson


In our methods, we are conscious of the latest eco-friendly options, following waste-minimizing and recycling techniques to the largest extent possible, allowing us to create a fine-crafted work that is also environmentally friendly. A wide variety of materials compose our palette, from different types of tile, stone and glass to functional finishes, fixtures and decorative profiles.

Our work is not limited to just the surface: we ensure that all walls, floors and supporting structures are properly built in order to fulfill their purpose and withstand the passing of time and of the elements. Be it an indoor residential kitchen or an outdoor commercial development, we guarantee our work to last.

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Level Plane Tile & Stone

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